The Kasks for wine on tap / draught wine

Our modern and innovative PET wine and beer kasks are both ecological and economical.

Roli & Ryan’s 30lt. wine and beer kask holds more than 40 bottles or 200 5oz glass pours.

1 30lt (7,92 gal) wine and beer kask weighs 31kg (68.3 lbs)

40 0.75lt bottles of wine weigh over 70kg (154 lbs)

You get the same amount of wine with half the weight, saving on shipping, burning less fuel and creating fewer carbon emissions. Because the kasks are one way, there’s no fuel burned returning the kask, no deposit, no storage and no logistical nightmares returning empty kasks.

They are 100% recyclable.

Our wine and beer kasks sell out in 7-14 days guaranteeing consistently fresh wines.