Our Wine on Tap / Draught Wine

We offer wines from various regions in Italy, here are just a few:

  • Pignoletto: Sparkling
  • Lambrusco: Sparkling
  • White Sparkling Wine from 100% Glera Grapes: Sparkling
  • Sangiovese: Still
  • Pinot Nero: Still
  • Chardonnay: Still
  • Pinot Grigio: Still
  • White Table Wine: Sparkling 
  • Red Table Wine: Still
  • White Table Wine: Still

Fresh down to the last glass.

The wines are pressurized with a blend of inert gas, no oxygen comes in contact with the wine so it stays fresh down to the last glass!

Poured, NOT stored!

Furthermore, we have tested the effects of PET on wines and found that when the wine is in these containers for limited time periods, such as 6 months, the wines remain fresh and pristine; they are delivered to the hospitality owner and poured, not stored.