Wine on tap increasing in popularity


Asking "what's on tap?" is not just for beer drinkers anymore. Something new is catching on. Wine from a tap.

It’s not a totally new concept for wineries. But most of us have never thought to ask what's on tap when ordering a glass of wine. But that could be changing.

Wine served in a keg has its benefits. Tracy Love of Blenheim Vineyard has watched it increase in popularity since last summer when they first tried it.

"I definitely think it is starting to catch on. A big reason why we started to do it in the first place is because it’s super eco-friendly. You eliminate all packaging. You don't have to bottle it. It can go straight from the tanks to our stainless steel kegs."

Freshness of the wine is a major benefit to putting wine on tap.

"So a keg of wine it actually preserves better than if you are a restaurant or an establishment that is pouring something by the glass. A keg of wine will keep for substantially longer than a bottle."

And at festivals and concerts where bringing in cases of bottles of wine is not always practical, having the option of offering the wine from the keg is a major selling point.

And for the wine industry here, it could change the art of tasting. Instead of opening endless bottles, being able to pour a sample straight from a tap saves time.

"It is a way for a lot of people to try it. It saves time. In the event of a line you can pour it really quick.
So are kegs the end of bottled wine?

Love believes the future has room for both.

"I think that certain people are going to be opposed to it. You know, this is not so much for the at home person that wants to serve wine at a dinner party. You can still always have bottle service for that."

With all of the benefits the chances are getting better and better your next glass of wine this summer might just come from a keg.

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Glera on Draught, Tap, draft

Prosecco on DraughtWe say Tap, they say Draught, either way, Wine in Kasks is growing in popularity. We're now distributing our Sparkling and Still wines in the UK. We also have a distributor in Switzerland.

It's been great to hear the response to our wines.

They're calling our wines "Perfect", "Lovely" and they say that they "FLY". Pubs are using our wine to make cocktails with our personalized Cocktail Recipe book. 

Roli & Ryan wines are Excellent Estate Wines! We hope wine bloggers in the UK and Switzerland will soon be writing about Tap wines and Wine on Draught. Until now, they've only written from North America, it's time #winebloggers woke up to the newest trend which is helping pubs stay open with better margins as well as going green.


Wine on Tap benefits!

"Fill, Drink, rinse, repeat!" Thanks Chris Broomell!

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Two words about our wines: Superior Quality!

We spend so much time talking about the Greatness of wines on tap in ecological One Way containers that we never get to talk about our wines, and that's the best part of our business.

We recently asked Luciano Dall'Oca, the owner of Laura's bar trattoria in Vignola why he and his wife Laura decided to switch to R&R wines. He answered: "Because the wines are of Superior Quality."

We work very closely with both our own wine maker as well as the Estate winemakers to perfect the wines and bring out their best qualities.

Our Italian customers attest to this! You can't fool an Italian when it comes to wines!

Wine on Tap creates spirit of "Community"!

Drew Dickson, a California winemaker, says Wine on Tap gives a feeling of "community which presents the authenticity of the product, and is something that not only the customer but also the wait staff can get behind" Folks are sharing the experience of drinking wine like never before. Read the entire article here:

We brought a tap to an outdoor party of about 40 people last weekend and it was great! We had carafes on all the tables and towards evening, friends just got up and helped themselves to the tap..(it's also colder straight out of the tap, important for our sparkling wines)

In addition to the many compliments on the wine, our friends wanted to know, where it came from, who made it. So you see, the winery, the grape, the wines, are all still important. Kasks are just a more ecological, economical, more communal way if you will, of getting that message across.