Great Estate Wines on tap / on draught in Modern Ecological Wine Kasks

Vinicola Roli & Ryan wines on tap / on draught are great traditional Italian ESTATE Sparkling and Still wines that use modern ecological methods to bring value to the table
We select traditional low sulphite Italian ESTATE wines which are moderately alcoholic to be served in pubs, bars, restaurants, trattorias, hotels and any event from a wedding to a sports event, on tap / on draught.

Our mission is to bring the experience of drinking wine in Italy to tables all across the globe.

When wine lovers drink our wines they feel they’re drinking wine just as Italians do because they’re drinking traditional wine on tap and draught wine by the glass or the carafe just like Italians do.

Italians, and many Europeans, enjoy both sparkling and still wines on tap by the glass or in a carafe. Now, wine lovers throughout Europe and the world can enjoy the same traditional wine on tap / draught, with the same genuine characteristics, found at an Italian trattoria in any Italian city.

Our wines arrive in 20lt PET Wine Kasks which are then accurately poured from the tap into wine glasses or carafes. So there’s no bottle barrier, no fancy marketing, no labels and no corks to stand between the wine lover and our great traditional wine.

Furthermore, our wines are Poured, NOT stored. We've tested the effects of PET on the wine and found that for limited time periods, such as 6 months, the PET has no affect on the wine. Hospitality owners pour the wine well within this time period. No more storing bottles either!